NAO – Girlfriend

By Uptown Toney

On July 28th via Little Tokyo Records, breakout London singer NAO will debut her first full length project For All We Know. Ahead of her albums release, the talented songstress premieres her Stint and GRADES-produced single, “Girlfriend” on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show.

The follow-up single to NAO’s buzzing record “Fool To Love” hears the artist’s soulful and sensual voice on top of seductive electronic-soul production, NAO’s signature ‘wonky-funk’ sound. Take a listen to “Girlfriend” below.

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Cousin Stizz – Gain Green (Video)

By Uptown Toney

Cousin Stizz lowkey had a great breakout year thanks to a co-sign from the OVO camp for his record “Shoutout,” now it looks like the Boston raper is on the same path this year as he drops off a video for his new OVO Sound Radio premiered track “Gain Green.”

The visual directed Goodwin shows Stizz and his boys out in their section of the city riding around, mackin, smoking, getting to the money and chilling. Watch the video above and look for the Dumdrumz-produced track to appear on Stizz’s second mixtape due out this summer.

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Hip Hop Artists: Post Your Music (5-25-16)

By FuNkwoRm

Yoooo! It’s Indie Wednesday. Time to share your music.

If you’re new to this hip hop blog, check out the rules below and post your music.


1. Everyone is limited to one music post per week. Spammers will be banned.

2. You can post the same song if you posted it the previous week but keep that practice in moderation

3. Converse and dialogue with each other as much as you like. In fact, I encourage it.

Here is the suggested format:

1. Name of the artist:

2. Location (where are you from)

3. Couple of your social links (Twitter and or Facebook)

4. Say something about yourself, hip hop, or anything interesting. It can also be totally unrelated to music. Show us you have a personality.

Post music or videos that can play in the thread please. No download links to your mixtape.

Feel free to post any PICS and GIFs.


Check this: Hip Hop Artists: Post Your Music (5-25-16)

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[INDIE HYPE] O.T.A – “Likes To Smoke”

By FuNkwoRm

Indie hip hop artists, O.T.A (Over The Air) comes straight out of Phoenix, AZ. MBM’s J Flipp and Rupsy Banks collabed to form this group that adds some different hip hop flavors with their unique style of flows and R&B. Check out their latest video to their song, “Likes to Smoke”.



Check this: [INDIE HYPE] O.T.A – “Likes To Smoke”

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DJ Wavy – “Elevators”

By Kaitlin

Hailing from Brooklyn by way of Long Island, DJ Wavy continues evolving a strong buzz through out the East Coast while building a significant social media presence. Producing & DJ’ing premier events around the U.S., DJ Wavy has worked with the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, E-40, Ty Dolla Sign, 2 Chainz, Fabulous &Pusha T just to name a few. After generating instant success, DJ Wavy adds upon that success as he drops his first single titled, “ELEVATORS” which has currently racked up 600k+ plays on Soundcloud. Elevators, as the first single, will give you a sense of Wavy’s diverse flow as he rides melodies on the track with smooth autotune. Check it out.

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3Bubble & J.Gray – “No Lie” [Video]

By Kaitlin

Check out “No Lie,” the latest video from prolific Houston hip hop/pop/crossover duo 3Bubble & J.Gray, whose eclectic sound takes them from classic hip hop and funk to EDM, pop and soul.

When these two artists met, they instantly connected, realizing they shared the same love for music and immediately got in the studio to record “Live From The Pentagon.” The album will be out soon – but in the mean time listen to “No Lie” here.

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Divinity Roxx – “We Are” [Video]

By Kaitlin

Divinity Roxx has played for President Obama, Oprah, Ellen, the MTV Music Awards and more as bassist and musical director for Beyonce. On her own, she has won awards and graced the cover of Bass Musicians Magazine and Bass Magazine.

Her 2012 ‘ Roxx Boxx Experience’ received critical acclaim as the ultimate funk mash-up of hip-hop and rock, featuring appearances by Grammy award winning artists and musicians Bootsy Collins and Killa Mike.

Now she is releasing her latest solo artistic statement, the alternative soul/pop epic “ImPossible [pronounced (I’ m Possible)]. “We Are” is the lead single from “ImPossible”. This song was produced by Keith Harris of The Black Eyed Peas who also played drums on this record.

“The lyrics were inspired by my former UC Berkeley professor June Jordan, (Poetry for the People), who wrote, “We Are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” She is rarely credited for it.” says Divinity.

Check out the inspirational video here!

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Parkway – “Hold Up”

By Kaitlin

VA rapper Parkway’s newest cut, “Hold Up” is his first track in about half a year. He takes things slow on the new record, with a beat by Landfill so sluggish it’s almost screwed up. Park had some nice buzz after last year’s “Aura” tape, and he’s dropped a few loosies since then, but has been silent for a bit. He’s back now, though. Check out “Hold Up” here.

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Niqle Nut – “Add Me Up”

By Kaitlin

Treacherous Records signee, Niqle Nut, is back in the game with his new single, “Add Me Up.” While at first listen the Gummy Beats produced song may appear to be just another braggadocious track extolling one’s material possessions, the truth is something far deeper. Niqle was raised in his native borough of Brooklyn until the age of eleven, after which he was moved to Inglewood, CA and, like so many before him, got caught up in the gangster lifestyle. After a near brush with death left him confined to a wheelchair for two years, Niqle Nut began to reevaluate his life and found his true calling. He breaks it down like this….

“I’m starting to feel like a chosen one.” the rapper shares. “Not too many MF-ers make it out the neighborhood. I’m doing my thing now. I’m driving foreign. I’m wearing designer clothes. But I’m not a movie star. I’m a rapper and right now. starting out, I’m not really getting no rewards. Material things ARE my rewards. I feel like those things give me something right now that I can attach myself to and say ‘this is FINALLY mine’.”

Niqle Nut will likely be dropping a new EP, “CiNQO” this summer but until then, hit play above and enjoy.

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K.I.D. – “Richie Rich” [Video]

By Kaitlin

K.I.D is backed by the renowned Lost City Records, which is spearheaded by Camden, NJ street icon Big Lou. Lost City Records has positioned K.I.D to make an impact both domestically and internationally. K.I.D has opened for such artists as Black Rob, Peedi Crack and Fred The Godson. He is currently making waves with his latest single entitled Richie Rich. The single is garnering accolades and kudos from DJs across the nation. Moreover, he has released an exiting visual that further brings the song to life.

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